Tuesday, November 07, 2006


For my birthday, Alice bought me a pair of matching jammies. Since the sleepover we had a week and a half ago where several Chinese and American girls spent the night, I decided I needed a pair of matching jammies. All of the American girls wore pajama pants and a t-shirt, and all the Chinese girls wore really cute matching pajamas. I mentioned how I was going to have to buy some Chinese jammies before I came back to the States so Alice beat me to the punch. I think I still prefer my raggedy, ghetto yellow striped pants and my holey tie-dye shirt to the adorably matching Chinese version of jammies, but at least now when we have another sleepover, I can fit in with the Chinese girls!

Today I went over to the Lewis's because one of Rena's students was having an intramural basketball game at 4:10. Since I don't do much on Tuesdays, I decided to go watch. The girls play rough. They're not very good, and there's no organization at all. There's one ref who doesn't call anything but "out of bounds" so it pretty much looks like anything goes. There was so much fouling happening that it looked like a street fight. But it was funny to watch. I was asked to participate, but I declined. I think it would be fun to play, but I'm not sure how I'd handle all the fouling.

After the game, I just hung out at the Lewis's until after dinner. Rena asked me how I was handling homesickness, but I don't think I've really had any major bouts of it. Having them around helps, I think, since they are my family here.

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