Thursday, September 28, 2006


It's been raining for three days. Yesterday the boys and I wanted to get out of the confines of our apartments so after lunch we headed to a new coffee shop - U.B.C. The place was really dark so we thought it must be closed, but actually they were having trouble with their electricity so all the lights were out. We chose a table next to a large window, but the overcast skies hardly allowed in much light. We ordered some iced coffees and spent the next hour or so reading and relaxing.

For dinner we met with Grace, a guy from our school, and ate dumplings. He gave us a lesson in Chinese cuisine so next time we can branch out from the usual five or six dishes we know and can order. It was still raining after we finished our meal and instead of heading back to the apartments, we decided to walk around campus. Brian sought out every puddle along the way seeking to make the perfect splash. We all soon joined him, and before long we were playing like children in the rain. When we got home, we were soaked from our heads to our feet, and I'm pretty sure every Chinese person who saw us thinks we're crazy! It was a perfect China day.

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