Monday, September 04, 2006


Yesterday morning we all met in Brian's apartment. We were supposed to meet in mine, but my air conditioners were not doing their job and with too many people, it gets hot fast. It was really amazing. After the meeting, several of us went to eat lunch. We tried Happy Guy's, but he didn't have room for us so we tried some place new. I sat at a table with Andrew, Jamie and a few other new friends. It was a great lunch with great company.

When we got home, I was supposed to start working on my lesson plans for today, but I wasn't feeling well - sinus stuff - so instead we watched a few episodes of LOST - again! "Dr." Cindy came upstairs to give me some Vitamin C and Zinc pills, and she fixed me some hot tea. After we finished LOST, I was feeling really horrible, now feeling nauseated in addition to my sinus stuff. So Brian and I planned a little bit for our class tonight, and then I went to bed. The boys decided to eat supper at McDonald's, but I opted to stay home and sleep. I did get up for 30 minutes to create my lesson plan for this morning's class, but then I went back to bed.

I feel much better this morning. I took some Dayquil which always does the trick for me. Class begins in 45 minutes. I'm a little nervous, but I KNOW things will run smoothly. They always do.

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SillyasME said...

Hey girl--

It's Jamie!! I read all of your adventures today! I hope you are feeling better and your class goes well. Bean curded brains sounds like a delicious meal---or whatever that was!! We found out last week and Jen is having a boy and girl--I get my softball player after all. I hope she is not girly--what will I do with some prissy little girl? Get your strength back soon everyone is praying for you all the time! Love ya!