Friday, September 01, 2006

Mexican Food!

Yesterday we met with Angel and Steven from the Foreign Affairs Office. We have to have work VISAs to be able to teach, and they needed us to fill out some things. Then we told them some of the things that were wrong with our apartments, and they pretty quickly worked on most of them. I tried washing my clothes last night, but the water wouldn't drain so I have to get them to fix my washer. I really need to be able to wash my clothes. Since there's no dryer, it takes a lot longer for my clothes to dry hanging outside.

For lunch a teacher from last year who has been here for three years but is now moving to Ningbo stopped by to visit Brian. Trip, the teacher, is leaving today so we didn't have much time to visit. We all went to eat at the iron bowl restaurant - they cook and serve rice in iron bowls, and you can choose which dish you want on top.

The rest of the afternoon, we didn't do too much. I've listened to the first Pimsleur Chinese lesson, but it's a little overwhelming. Brian is really patient and often explains how to say something several times for us.

Jeremy, Rena and the girls invited us over Mexican last night. I haven't gotten to the point where I crave food from home, but the Mexican food was a nice reprieve from Chinese. It was really good.

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