Wednesday, October 18, 2006

LATER PLAYER (latah playah)

Apparently Derek is a huge fan of ghetto slang because he's always throwing out phrases that we inevitably have to explain to the Chinese friends or students around us. The phrase he uses most often is "Latah Playah" when he's saying goodbye to someone. Unfortunately, he's teaching our sponge-like students this phrase too! After class today I was speaking to one of my students, Sean, who is really intelligent. He's sort of the typical nerdy type, intelligent guy, but he's really cool and nice too. Anyway, he was asking me if we could get together this evening to discuss American/Chinese customs. After our conversation, I told him goodbye - to which he replied, "Oh, uh, later player." Uhhhh! Derek!


This afternoon Angel called me and asked me to come down immediately to retrieve a letter she had in her office. Everything must always be done immediately when Angel is in charge. Anyway, the letter was from a woman who is a member of our family in Edmond. She teaches the girls who are in the Tabitha Club, a really cool club for young ladies in our family (9-11 year olds). Each girl had written me a note on construction paper cut-outs of pumpkins, apples, and leaves - telling me a little about themselves and offering me encouragement. It was so cool! They have adopted me as a pen pal and will write me a letter once a month. I am so excited about this and can't wait to receive more notes.

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